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The Sickle Gene Corner by Promise Kanwai

Promise Kanwai - January 10, 2020 - 0 comments

The Sickle Gene Corner

Over the past years, sickle cell patients (warriors) have been known to hide in shame because of their genotype & due to the fact that they get stigmatized when their friends or loved ones get to know their status. Sure! due to the problems & stigmatization of being a sickle cell patient in Nigeria & all over the world, who wouldn’t want to hide their status?

Creating this section of my blog is one that came with purpose of inspiring & motivating other warriors out there & also to reduce if not stop the stigmatization we face on daily basis. With this corner, I intend to inspire through the experiences, pains, rejection & love life of warriors (mostly true life stories) & to let them know not to give in to stigmatization & not to be intimidated by the world as a whole. I also intend to motivate them & let them know, they are strong & can do anything they wish to regardless the limitations surrounding or that comes with being a sickle cell patient as I believe no human is limited.

I also encourage writers or anyone who is willing to share their story to motivate others to feel free to contact me & let the story behind shared.

Dear Readers..
A warm welcome to this section of my blog. May you find it worthwhile.

Promise kanwai

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