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The Best 21 Days of my Life by Promise Kanwai

Promise Kanwai - January 4, 2020 - 0 comments

A lot needs to be said about this great adventure as I describe It as “the best 21 calendar days of my life”, but the problem as always been “what do I write, how do I start & where to start from”.

At Midnight of the day the call up letter was suppose to be out, I quickly grabbed my phone, logged In Into my dashboard with high hopes only to see the message appearing before me “You are not In stream 1”. My heart immediately sank hiding beneath my rib cage; I was so depressed & had to force myself to sleep that night.

The next day, I woke up still being depressed, grabbed on to my phone to check some WhatsApp messages only to see a message from one of my friend, “check yours now”. I called him & he told me he saw the same message “You are not In stream 1” only to wake up this morning to see his call up later. I logged In Into my dashboard as quickly as possible & to my surprise It was there. Oh Lordy Lordy Lord, you could tell by the expression on my face how happy I was. I clicked to print my letter only to see Bauchi State. Wow! I am being sent to the north again after being a northerner myself. So awkward but exciting. I told my parents & family friends and they were happy for me. I wasn’t really happy not knowing it was meant to be the best 21 calendar days of my life.

The Adventure Begins

The day was here for me to begin my adventure; I got to the Cross Country Park at exactly 5.30am to board the bus taking us to Bauchi, “wailo camp” to be precise. There, I met some cool friends heading to Bauchi with me, 3 ladies including me with names; Opeyemi, Rukayat & Derin. The journey to Bauchi from Lagos lasted for about 22 hours (total travelling time excluding stops) and I enjoyed every bit of it.

Promise Kanwai & Rukayat

I arrived at wailo camp In Bauchi state at exactly 2.00pm on May 24, 2017. The environment felt so welcoming except for the harsh sun which made me thought I travelled from Earth to the planet nearest to the sun, Mercury.

Without wasting anytime, I started my registration immediately. I was allocated to block A11 where I also met some crazy dudes & also to platoon 6 (the best swagged platoon of the century).

Our swearing In ceremony was on 25th May, 2017. We were all dressed (6/7) since we didn’t wear our Khaki shirt. There I met the pals of my life, a group of fantastic people. We had a group name which we call ourselves “KABAAL” which I think means We-We as It originates from us the back standees of the platoon. We also gave ourselves the name platoon 6B as we say the front Is fro platoon 6A (he loyal, humble, cool and always Obey people).


On the swearing In day as I stated earlier, I met the craziest but coolest guys & ladies at the parade ground. I arrived as a novice since It was my first time on the parade ground looking for my platoon. I finally saw it and went to join In only to hear voices from behind coming from two (2) ladies saying “which platoon do you belong to”? With excitement, I said platoon 6, they laughed & said “NO, you are In the wrong platoon, there Is platoon 6A & 6B, which one do you particularly belong to? Wow, I stared at them as I become confused till I heard one giggle & I noticed I was just been fooled. I laughed and immediately said HI to them & they responded. These two (2) ladies were: Zainab Yakubu (Which I like to call the KABAAL leader) & Christiana David (Asst. KABAAL leader).

After the swearing In and all, Zainab brought her selfie stick & took a selfie with us. I guess It was the picture that brought about the formation of the group. Although many people left since I think they found better options but I am happy to have been with this fantastic people in which I will list in a random manner.

The Kabaal

KABAAL Members

The New Kabaal Members

Zainab Yakubu

I call her Zai Zai. The KABAAL leader. A beautiful & bright loving lady always ready to say her  mind anytime whether good or bad. She is always this kind of girl “I don’t take shit”. I always love calming her down. She is a good writer, a funny & exciting person to be with.

Zainab Yakubu

Seun (Ola Oluwa)

The Mr. Macho of the group. A very exciting guy to be with. One thing i like about him is that he doesn’t like people being cheated. He can fight for you & stand for you in all circumstance. He is a cool but crazy guy. I actually learnt how to do koko waves from him.

Seun OlaOluwa

Lolade Kolawole

She calls herself lolzibah. First time I saw her, i actually taught she was Fulani because of her skin colour. The shortest among us. A beautiful lady who my N**ga dies for. She laughs at my laugh. She goes & come at will. She is friendly & highly spirited. She is married.

Lolade Kolawole

Adedipo Kojo Karunwi

The shortest guy in our midst, i am actually taller than him. What is funny about him is that he is obsessed with one of the KABAAL members (Lolade). Sometimes a thought comes to my mind, the shortest guy & the shortest girl; hmmm, i don’t want to complete my thoughts but he is cool, the cute & chubby, the teddybear, the puppy. Love my N**ga.

Adedipo Kojo Karunwi


Fresh Dude. The fresh boy in our midst. Davido as he is called, fine & also dirty at heart. I love your swag baba, Keep it up. Although, I don’t consider him as a legitimate member of the group.


Justina Igonikon

Baby! Omo Rivers. The girl from PH city. The one her attachment was removed mistakenly. LOL. She is a runaway member of the group (not always present) but when she is around, her presence is felt. Chop Kiss. She is married.

Justina igonikon

Christiana David

The volleyball player in our midst & a very good one, so strong & a good dancer.  I love watching her dance. She also loves eating meat. A very good meat eater. I hope to see you so fleshy in the future.

Christiana David


The fault master. He is one funny person I have met in my life. He bought the slang “you go get fault with me”, “You wan get fault abi”, “ I go bring my tools”. His lifestyle entirely is fun. He is fun to be with. A master of all trade, only him: Choirmaster, Music cord, Drama cord. Don’t kill yourself bro. He also doesn’t play with his food. I will always remember you. My N**ga, My N**ga.


Emmanuel Energy Oz

Mr Macho the second. Funny personality. Always talking, he never keeps quiet. I love the way he rolls that waist of his. Another thing about him, abeg about 80% of your pictures, you just dey follow Zainab. LOL. I know he will still say something about this. I love you bro. You are fun to be with. My N**ga, My N**ga.

Emmanuel energy Oz

Edna Izuogu

I don’t know where to start from. Since I met her, she has always made me happy one way or the other. She lives up to her name because she once told me it means “happiness”. She has always been my defendant. She is the best friend I ever had in 21 days. She is supportive, ever ready to listen. She is a good dancer. One funny thing is she knows how to twerk. I just love watching her dance & look for Dipo’s trouble (sorry Dipo but it’s fun). I love spending time with her & i still remember those words you said that night. I can never forget. If I am to continue, I won’t end on her matter. You have been there in ways you can’t imagine & I hope i will always be there for you too. I love you Edna & i hope our friendship last for a lifetime.

Edna Izuogu

Oga Matthew

The man who made us comfortable in camp. the soldier among us. He is a very friendly and funny person. Thank you sir.

Written By Promise Kanwai

Owner of Peck-Digital

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