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Sex, Crisis & Sex Crisis

Promise Kanwai - February 7, 2020 - 0 comments


Does sex trigger sickle cell crisis? Should sex trigger sickle cell crises? Why should sex trigger sickle cell crisis when it also triggers the release of happy hormones and most especially natural pain killers like

Nothing is generalized in sickle cell disease because of the difference in severity which are due to some factors that may not always be controllable.

Not all sickle cell crisis triggers are avoidable, some can only be managed and sex is one of those triggers that fall under this category.
As much as there are warriors that sex doesn’t trigger their crises, sex triggering sickle cell crises is arelatively common complaint among sickle cell warriors which makes it worthy of discussion.

From my personal observation, women complain more than men ,not sure if that is as a result of men being shy to discuss their sex life in relation to crises or the fact many men attain orgasm more than women and release more happy hormones which probably plays a role.

Sex can be like a double edged sword for some warriors. Some sometimes express sex helps with their crises and make them feel better while they also express that sex sometimes triggers it. Some have also complained of crises after multiple rounds of sex and sometimes Priapism after sex

Sex has a combo of triggers mumbled into 1

  1. Sexual intercourse is like a physical
    activity and physical exertion triggers
  2. You tend to perspire a lot during
    sex, which leads to dehydration,
    dehydration is also a trigger of sickle
    cell crises

The happy hormones released during sex which includes the natural pain killer “endorphins” may not always be able to handle the pain caused by these factors I mentioned hence the crises.


  1. Prioritising your health must be your first concern, love yourself that much.
  2. Get a partner that loves you beyond words, partner that will prioritise your health need over his/her own needs if need be. Anything short of this might not be good enough for you
  3. Get to know and understand your body, a sickle cell warrior that understands his/her body should know when he/she is stressed and should rest or else he/she risks a serious crisis So you need to understand this, any day you are already feeling extremely stressed, it is a wrong move to choose to have sex that day. If your partner wants it let him/her know you are not fit for sex that day. Aggravating an already present trigger can easily initiate a crisis during or after sex.
  4. If you are unwell e.g you have an infection or you are just recovering from a crisis or you just had a surgery those are already triggers, don’t add another trigger to it. Wait till you are very fit
  5. Learn to hydrate yourself adequately before sex, possibly during and after sex. To manage the dehydration that occurs as a result of sex
  6. Stay away from sex styles and positions that are extremely energy sapping, staying in some sex positions is actually like a rigorous exercise. If you are a sickle cell warrior you are better lying supine.
  7. Know your limitations, going for too many rounds of sex whithin a short period of time may trigger your crises
  8. Learn to engage in foreplay when you are not fit enough to go all the way
  9. Avoid rough and aggressive sex, it can easily trigger crises for you
  10. If you are a warrior that usually experiences crises DURING sex, taking oral analgesics before sex won’t be a bad idea.

Gotten from an unknown source via WhatsApp.

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